Pray for Chaplain Ken Gruber

prayer requestChaplain Ken Gruber needs your prayer support …..

While on a mission in China (teaching English), Ken Gruber has been infected with a very serious bacteria in the blood following emergency gallbladder surgery.

Along with world missions, Ken has organized many disaster responses world wide.

Chaplain Judy Vorce, IFOC VP


They have identified the bacteria in my body, it is Aeromonas sobria ( AESO )Usually this bacteria shows up in water supplies … go figure.

It is Wednesday evening and my strength is inching back … I am not as dizzy when I walk or stand. I have been able to eat some food like chicken noodle soup and eggs. Though it is still very painful to eat.

My blood pressure is alarmingly high, though I usually get headaches when that happens, and I don’t really have them now.

They will continue with the antibiotics and check my blood in the morning.

I could be here another two days or a week … Tho, I am praying for two.

(Doctor will not let me sit in a plane more than an hour or two … as of now)

And my liver and other organs need to be functioning closer to normal.

Please continue to put this before The Healer …

Thanks so very much!

I will update when there is more info.

Love and Hope,

In Him, Ken

One of the Chinese girls wrote that he ate a little yesterday finally, and walked a small distance. Thanks for praying for him, please keep praying,

Serving Him together,



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