Oklahoma tornado relief

IFOC Rapid Response TeamIFOC Chaplain Ken Gruber is traveling with an Omaha Rapid Response (ORR) Team this weekend 5/25/13 to lay the foundation for future teams over the next few months.  He will be meeting up with other IFOC Chaplains interested in working with this effort of Relief as well as partnering with a group of churches in the OKC/Norman area.

Many of these precious people have lost everything … including loved ones. In the midst of coordinating future response teams; we will address the emotional and spiritual care of the victims and help them recover belonging and assist with debris removal/food distribution/sheltering.

We have heard that there are areas that were destroyed (by dozens of tornadoes) throughout a 200 square mile path that are receiving little to no help. So, we will search for these victims too.

If you are interested in connecting with this team and offering your services with them, contact Ken by email: kennyG402@aol.com

If you are not able to respond in person, please keep all these people in your prayers (victims and responders), and as always, your donations for this disaster will go directly to them solely for this effort.

Please use the donation button on the front page of this website.

May God Richly Bless You!

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