Magnolia, Tx Fire

They have made tremendous progress this weekend with the help of the DC 10, and 4 black hawks. I think by weeks end, everything will wind down with just a base staff and crew, unless something unforeseen happens, but for now things are looking good.

This fire was so close to my house we had on many days ash and embers falling like rain.

I was asked to do a a 9-11 prayer for the 7am and 7 pm shift change briefing yesterday at the command  post. I saw 100-150 beautiful faces before me. they were covered in soot, mud, and sweat, but they were

Then I was asked to do a small service at 9 for those that wanted one…there were about 10 people there, very small, but the ones there needed to pause and remember.

I got to meet the big guns that came from California…go into the planning room….computers, wall maps..amazing…looked like a war room.

Also waited with the people last Wednesday at the road block to their neighborhood, the were the first ones let back into an area, and I got to go in with them. I drove around and stopped when I saw folks.

One man told me as he pointed to two green spots of grass in his otherwise burned yard (his house was fine, the one behind his gone) that before he evacuated he knelt down in those two spots and prayed….it was a holy moment.

I am so glad IFOC was able to work the shelter., it freed me up to be at command post…I really needed to be with these firefighters…they came as far away from Wyoming to help us.

Love you guys!

Bless you,
Tara Dorroh
Chaplain Tomball Fire Dept

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