Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

If you’re interested in joining, please see our Membership page.

Do you provide training or endorsement for other Chaplains?

We do provide training and endorsement for Chaplains not listed in our Chaplain Directory. Most of the training can be applied to Chaplains in general. Some, however, will be geared towards specific requirements and needs of the Chaplain.

How often are training schedules posted?

Training schedules are updated as seminars, classes, workshops and other events are made known. If you are seeking information about a specific event or possible locations and dates of upcoming training seminars, please see our training schedule page.

What is the outlook for Chaplains in the future?

There has never been a greater need for Chaplains in the workplace, community or institution. Please visit our individual Chaplain pages for more information.

Is it possible to request training in my area?

IFOC honors requests to localized training seminars – even if you’re not a member. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Can I Host a Chaplain Training Event?

Yes. Classes are scheduled six months in advance, allowing the time needed for advertising it on the IFOC website and Facebook to help with the recruiting of students.
Class size – We require a minimum of 25 student registrations by the close of “early bird” registration.
The Host
– It is the host’s responsibility to provide a facility (at no cost to IFOC), sized for the number of students, with adequate space to allow students to view the projected presentation information (we bring our own equipment). The class host is responsible to recruit students for their class.

What is a Chaplain?

The office of Chaplain is a diversified position of helps. The Chaplain is a spiritual leader that specializes in workplace or on site, short term intervention ministry.

Who can be a Chaplain?

Chaplaincy covers a variety of ministerial services and offers different levels of ministerial requirement according to agency policy. Some agencies require their Chaplains to be Ordained Ministers, often Pastors of local church bodies and have specific educational background. Others require specific Chaplaincy training and membership in a recognized Chaplaincy organization that certifies different levels of Chaplaincy according to education and experience. Chaplaincy organizations and Fellowships offer non-Pastoral ministers an opportunity to serve in the position of Chaplains through specific training, certification and designation in their chosen field of ministry, thereby, allowing any one who feels called of God to minister in a position at some level of Chaplaincy.

Do I have to be a Pastor to become a Chaplain?

No. The field of Chaplaincy is designed to require different levels of licensure. Associate Chaplain is a Chaplain in training, or a Chaplain assistant. A Licensed Chaplain is an experienced Chaplain that is recognized by a license. The Senior Chaplain is an Ordained position that exemplifies expertise in that field of Chaplaincy.

Can I be a member of more than one organization?

Yes. Most Chaplains are members of multiple fellowships. And most agencies require a non-denominational perspective in order to serve as Chaplain for them.

How do you raise money and is it tax deductible?

Funds are raised via membership fees, seminar fees, and donations which are tax deductible under 501c3 with the Internal Revenue Service.

What authority do you take over a member of my flock when they become members of your Fellowship?

The ecclesiastical authority over your members remains in your hands as their Pastor. We are here to help, not divide. We do License and Ordain those who seek our fellowship in that area and that meet our requirements.

I am already Licensed/Ordained, what type of benefit do you offer those of us who are already licensed?

We offer open membership to those who are Licensed/Ordained. Those members receive the same benefits that our credential holders receive with some differences.

  1. IFOC, Inc. Credential holders have pictured ID.
  2. IFOC, Inc. Credentials are for Chaplaincy only.
  3. Police and Fire Chaplains with the IFOC, Inc. License/Ordination are awarded Rank designation according to their Licensure level.

I am a good Instructor. How do I become a Certified Instructor in the IFOC, Inc.?

IFOC, Inc. Instructors are trained and certified in their respective area of expertise. Most have degrees in that field or are certified by another agency such as, the FBI, the Association of Law Enforcement Trainers, Industrial, Hospital, Correctional, or other such organizations, as well as our own intensive training program and internship. Also, all IFOC, Inc. Trainers and Certified Trainers must be members in our fellowship and be a positive and constructive force in their respective field of chaplaincy.

I am just starting in Chaplaincy. What can I expect to be paid as a beginning Chaplain?

Chaplaincy in some areas is a Community Service endeavor which means that you receive little or no pay. This type of ministry is often called “Passion” ministry. Some Chaplains receive income that is comparable to their counter-parts in the Pastorate. This level of Chaplaincy is seldom held by inexperienced Chaplains as only those with impressive backgrounds and education qualify for such a position.

I am Licensed at this time. Is it possible to upgrade my License to Ordination in the IFOC, Inc.?

Yes. We have a procedure to upgrade your License to the Ordained Level. Which requires proof of Licensure, and/or long term work in your Chaplaincy field, and of course the proper recommendations as listed in our Licensure Requirements.

Can I put my membership on my Visa/Master Card?

Yes. Please see our Membership requirements area for more information on joining.

You charge for membership and training, where does the money go?

All Fellowships and organizations require operating capital and we are no different. Our by-laws dictate that at no time shall more than 45% of the income be used for salaries. The remainder is to be used for the furthering of our Fellowship and Chaplaincy.

Do you offer training to become a Chaplain?

The IFOC, Inc. offers seminar training in Chaplaincy stressing the areas of Critical Incident Stress, Grief and Loss, Trauma, and Stress Management. As well as specialized training in specific areas of Chaplaincy.

Where can I find information on job placement?

IFOC is in the process of publishing an online resource center, located in the Chaplain’s Corner. This area is for IFOC members and provides vacancy announcements, links, and other miscellaneous job opening information.

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