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WC3 Chaplains Recognized

International Fellowship of ChaplainsBy Curt Beaupre, Homeland Security Coordinator, Pierce County Emergency Management, April 22, 2009 If you worked in the Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) at the South Hill Mall during February of 2009, chances are you met several members from the International Fellowship of Chaplains (IFOC). As many of you know, my family suffered...
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Ministry helps those affected by mental illness

By DAVID YONKEBLADE RELIGION EDITOR Garry Hulisz and his wife, Patty, are starting a new Toledo ministry they hope will help parents avoid the tribulations and trials they struggled through for more than 10 years. Their problem: Raising a daughter afflicted with a mental illness that was not properly diagnosed, Mr. Hulisz said. Read more
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Hurricane Gustav Thank You

Dear Chaplain Robertson, In the early morning hours of September 1, 2008, Hurricane Gustav began to make its way onto the coast of Louisiana. By the time it passed two days later our area had sustained serious damage from Gustav’s winds and rain. Most areas were out of power and many of our residents were...
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Hurricane Thanks

This e-mail is primarily to acknowledge the service of the WC3/IFOC chaplains that served at the Houston Police Fondren Division during Hurricane Ike recovery operations. There are others whom I owe a debt of gratitude to but their efforts in their venue will be acknowledge in another correspondence. Thanks goes out to all IFOC chaplains...
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Thirty Four Years!

I turned 50 years old on July 29th, 2008. I also retired from 25 years of service with the City of Troy Volunteer Fire Department in Michigan. To help commemorate the double occasion, my daughter Michelle had the attached photo taken. Joshua Michael Coppock, my grandson has all of his photos done by a local...
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IFOC Chaplains – Hurricane Gustav

IFOC chaplain team-Darrell, Red, Terry, Tara, Denise, Chuck Fire Chief of Denham Springs, Tara and fire fighter IFOC Chaplains helping the national Guard and DS PD with food distribution.
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IFOC Chaplain Army Of Love

PTSD Video by IFOC Senior Chaplain Kathie Costos
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