National Criminal History Report

IFOC membership requires a National Criminal History Report. You may submit a National Criminal History Report from any provider. CA.P.I.A. offers IFOC background checks for $50.00.

Name, SSN, & DOB verification
Address History.
Bankruptcy history
National criminal history check
A copy of your background report
IFOC Discounted rate: $50 per background report

To request your IFOC national criminal history, fill out the attached form.


  • Police, Sheriff Deputy, State Police only need to send copy of their state or local ID. No background check required.
  • Applicants for Membership do NOT need a Criminal History Report if they have a valid Concealed Carry License.  They must send in a copy of their Concealed carry License with their application.

Include a copy of the national criminal history report from A.P.I.A. with your membership application.