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International Fellowship of Chaplains, Inc.

IFOC is a non profit organization, providing training, recognition, certification and IFOC Chaplain vehicle - police, fire,emsinformation in the varied areas of chaplaincy. We interface with both the secular and ministry worlds for the purpose of promoting tolerance and understanding, as well as, provide professional, trained and dedicated chaplains in the various fields of need.

The work of the chaplain differs greatly from the work of the pastorate. The pastor cares for the spiritual needs of the congregation; whereas, the chaplain must care for the needs of the secular world as well.

There are several fields of chaplaincy, some of which are easily recognized. Others are not. The IFOC endorses all types of chaplains and recognizes the need for credentialed coverage. Some chaplaincy areas of note are, police, fire, IFOC Emergency Support Unithospital, jail, industrial, transportation, search & rescue, sports, collegiate, hospice, nursing home, motor cycle, and the list goes on. All are valid in scope and design. All need education, credentials & guidance to do the work their hearts desire.


Is your church or ministry ready for the next disaster?
“Ministers in the workplace” (chaplains) have training and credentials that open doors of ministry that are currently closed to many individuals and organizations. The I.F.O.C. can help prepare you for the next disaster.

Go to our Membership page for information on chaplain training and credentialing.


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General: Supports IFOC training and operational expenses.
Disaster Relief: Help IFOC Chaplains deploy to a disaster. This is a great way to sponsor participants and to provide relief for those suffering from a disaster.

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